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Charities Day; Falkirk High Street

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Another great day at the Falkirk Charities Day held on 29 Aug 2015 in Falkirk High Street. Money into funds and great interest shown by passersby.


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19th November 2015;

Falkirk Central Mosque recently hosted the Antonine Friendship Link. The group gave a presentation detailing the reason for the group coming into being and the work it has undertaken for Palestine.

The group also presented their “Friendship Scroll” which was designed by a local artist Susan French and was created to raise public awareness of the impact of the apartheid wall in Palestine. The scroll itself has toured Scotland and has previously been on display at Falkirk Council’s Municipal Buildings and the Scottish Parliament and has been signed by councillors, politicians and celebrities.

To thank all the efforts of the group, the mosque’s Youth Committee presented the group with a stand for the
Friendship Scroll which is currently on display at Falkirk Central Mosque.

Pictured from left to right, Khalid Saaed, Mustafa Mustafa, Imam Hassnain Siddiqee, Rev Robert Philip, Tom Wallace, Avais Ijaz.