The Constitution.

Summary version (Full version available to members upon request)


The Antonine Friendship Link exists to assure Jayyous and other similar Palestine communities that they have not been forgotten. It seeks to provide hope, and where possible, assistance to the Jayyous community in the belief that Jayyous and the Palestinian people will endure until a lasting just peace is established in their own state.

In order to do this The Antonine Friendship Link will;
Raise awareness of human rights and humanitarian issues related to Palestine.
Work with other organisation who share these aims.
Organise meetings, workshops etc. to raise public awareness of the issues involved in the Friendship Link’s work with the people of Jayyous.
Develop friendships and solidarity between the communities of Falkirk and District and the residents of Jayyous.
Fundraise for the Jayyous community to provide practical help for school materials, hospitals and other community organisations where the need arises.

Full membership of ‘The Link’ shall be open to adults sharing the Aims and Interests
of ‘The Link’.
The membership shall elect a Management Committee which will oversee the work of ‘The Link’ and report back to the membership at least once per year at the Annual General Meeting.
Members shall be notified of the AGM at least 14 days before it is scheduled to take place.
The business of the AGM shall include, a report by the Chairperson on the previous years activities, consideration of the annual accounts presented by the Treasurer and the election of the management committee for the following year.
The Management Committee shall maintain a register of members and may, with good and sufficient reason, terminate the membership of any individual or organisation by written notice.
The Management Committee shall ensure that minutes are kept of all proceedings and where possible sent to the members.